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Once upon a time, a woman was in a hospital when she was approached by a medical technician. The technician was excited when he recognized her as the person who helped his parents, years ago, mediate their divorce. He also remembered she helped his parents enhance their parenting skills when
he was a struggling teenager with an elementary school age sister. Now, as a proud parent of two, he uses the parenting techniques with his children.


The woman had a light bulb moment. Mediators and Parent Support Specialists have a responsibility to help families navigate their relationships for the benefit of current AND future generations.  Forward Mediation® was born!


At Forward Mediation®, we believe:

• all families deserve a Family Mediator that is supportive and efficient to ensure the dialog between individuals ending
or changing a relationship is forward and future-focused not focused or dwelling on what was.

• a Family Mediator is the best impartial third party to be present when family issues are discussed because they know how important it is to ensure everyone is heard before a possible agreement could be reached about a dispute or conflict.


And we believe,


a Parent Support Specialist can help people easily navigate how to: co- or parallel parent, put children in front and not in the middle of the parents' issues, parent between two homes, and at a distance, parent grandchildren, include siblings in elder issue discussions and so much more.


Our Founder
Nancy is an efficient Mediator, approachable Parent Specialist and dynamic Facilitator. She holds a M.S. degree in Human Development/Family Studies and a B.S. degree in Child Development/Family Relations. Her extensive knowledge of family dynamics and talent for mediation, facilitation and parent enrichment is supported by being a Certified Advanced Practitioner with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator with the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Texas Guardianship Association.

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